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Area Summer Dressage, Carmarthen Showground...here

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Show & Style Jumping , Gower...here
Combined Training at Pibrw Llwyd April 2018

Junior TeamTowy Valley
Junior Indv  90Q
1st Ellie Gravell               Towy Valley
2nd Skye Murray            Cwm Derwen
3rd  Ellie Romanello    Clydach
4th   Sereb Ford           Towy Valley

Junior Indv 100Q
1st  Emma Morgan    Towy Valley
2nd   Abigail Phillips   Towy Valley

Senior Teams
1st   Tivyside Pearls
2nd  Cwmaman
3rd  Towy Valley
4th   Cwm Derwen
5th  Tivyside Diamonds

Senior 90Q
1sT Sophie Spiteri   Tivyside Pearls
2nd Hannah Warren  Tivyside Pearls
3rd  Julie De Smet    Towy Valley
4th Dorothy Harries   Cwm Derwen
5th  Ellen Griffiths    Cwmaman
6th Sophie Spiteri    Tivyside Diamonds

Senior 100 Q
1st  Kayleigh Bowen    Cwmaman
2nd   Joanna Collins   Tivyside Pearls
3rd   Helen Reader    Cwmaman
4th   Shannon De Smet   Towy Valley
5th   Samantha Fussell    Towy Valley
6th   Wendy Roberts     Tivyside Diamonds.here9080here

Laurie Punnett Memorial Trophy
Laurie Punnett who passed away in 2009 was Chairman of Gower Riding Club for 25 years, and  Area 21 Representative and Official Steward for many years before also taking on the role of  British Riding Clubs Chairman. He did a huge amount for the BRC movement and Area 21 and is greatly missed.
Each year a trophy is given in his memory to the highest % Dressage test at the summer qualifier.

Winner of the Laurie Punnett Memorial Trophy in 2017 was Briony Cutler of Cwmamman riding Hilkins Charismatic gained the highest percentage of 76.98% in Novice 27.